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Born in Romania, raised around the world
800+ alumni
2500+ applications
70+ speakers
40 nationalities
Alumni Success Stories
    Jesper Johansson
    Aspire Professional 2016
    Swedish Marketing Manager and awarded entrepreneur. Broad track record within youth organizations where he has worked to develop young people within international entrepreneurship, leadership and stock trading. Read the full story and find out why Jesper thinks Aspire is a great organization for young leaders around the world.
    Anca Balaceanu
    Aspire High School 2014
    Anca is a student at Dartmouth College and has been very successful in terms of leadership, entrepreneurship and public speaking. She plans to use her passion for movie production to raise awareness and contribute to a more caring society. Read the full story and how Aspire was a turning point in her life.
    Delia Radu
    Aspire Academy 2012
    Doctoral researcher, awarded speaker, and an experienced team leader with a dual degree in international relations and foreign languages. Read the full story and find out why Delia has chosen to be an active alumna in the Aspire community since 2012.