Every child deserves an excellent education to achieve its full potential. This belief is what prompted us to create Aspire for Teachers, an innovative pedagogical program, designed to improve the teaching methods of primary and secondary public school teachers. Our aim is to provide teachers with the required resources for them to become teacher – leaders, role models and trainers of the next generations of children. Aspire for Teachers is a program encompassing many initiatives that all adds up to its ultimate goal: developing the most effective teacher-training academy in Romania and the tightest community of teachers.


The Aspire for Teachers community comprises talented teachers that collaborate with specialists in the area for building up the program, according to the needs of the teachers in Romania and to the educational requirements of the 21st century.Together we developed a set of initiatives through which teachers receive mentorship and support in becoming their best version of themselves!Aspire for Teachers Academy is our main project – around 40 carefully selected teachers come together for 5 days of intensive workshops and discussions in the beautiful landscape of Poiana Brasov. Together with experts in the educational field from both Romania and the United States of America, they share best practices, discuss innovative teaching practices, analyze other educational models, develop collaborations for future initiatives. It is the moment when we forge our community and build long lasting relationships.The next edition of the program will take place in summer 2017 and will have as main topic project based learning.Next to this, we provide various initiatives through which we aim to identify, develop and connect the next generation teacher – leaders in Romania! Follow us closely and become part of our wonderful and always growing community!

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