Organized by and dedicated to the Aspire alumni, as well as in some cases, to the general public, Aspire Global aims to bond the relationships in the community and expand our recruitment horizons worldwide. It consists of various sessions and activities cumulated in a 3-day program held in different locations around the world.

Previously held in London and Chisinau (more to come).

Aspire Global truly is one of our most multicultural experiences. It represents the perfect opportunity for our alumni and guests to gather together, share their recent experiences and learn from successful international entrepreneurs and professors. It is also the perfect moment to learn more about Aspire.A 3-day program, it consists of different formal and non-formal events, including socials with the participants, sightseeing and a day of workshops and lectures focused on a specific topic.

What is in the curricula?

Aspire Global’s lectures and workshops focus on entrepreneurship and personal development, being related to:

  • Examining the personal stories of local entrepreneurs and successful people
  • Discovering the value of failure in life
  • Understand the social impact of your actions and how to improve the community through simple interactions
  • Discuss the importance of networking and how this could change your career and personal path
  • Learn how to set life goals, understanding how to manage the priorities, through real-life examples

Aspire Global’s usual speakers are internationally renowned professors and entrepreneurs that are close to Aspire and remarkable figures from academia or business world from the city hosting the event.

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  • Where are the meetings and courses held?
    Aspire Global is an event which takes place in different locations throughout the world. Follow our social channels in order to find more about the next global event!
  • When is Aspire Global held?
    Aspire Global is one of our most dynamic events and dates may vary. For more information, refer either to our social channels or email us at
  • Am I required to attend all sessions?
    The formal event, which consists of a day of lectures and workshops, is mandatory for all the participants, while the informal networking sessions are not. Please let the organisers know if you cannot attend any of the activities from the proposed calendar.
  • What is the selection process?
    The program is open for all Aspire alumni and no application is needed. If you are interested in general admissions, please follow the guidelines relevant to each event. For more information, refer either to our social channels or email us at
  • What is the cost to attend if I am selected?
    Aspire Global is a free of charge event for Aspire Community. As an alumni, you can only to cover the costs of transport and accommodation. As a general participant, please refer to our social channels or email us at for more information regarding the costs.
  • Are there any scholarships that Aspire provides?
    Unfortunately, for this event Aspire is unable to provide any scholarships. We may change our policy for a specific event, please refer to our social channels or email us at for more information.
  • Is there an age limit for participants?
    Participants from all generations are welcomed to take part at this event.
  • How can I organise an Aspire Global event in my city?
    If you are an Aspire alumni and are keen to organise such a program in your town, please let us know through contacting the organising team or one of the two Aspire co-presidents.

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