Dedicated to our alumni and the general public, Aspire Series provides a glimpse into the “Aspire Method” and is an incredible learning opportunity we develop year-round. Each series focuses on a carefully selected topic such as entrepreneurship or creative industries. For anyone who is interested in applying to our core programs, Aspire Series is one of the best ways to get in touch

This program takes place bi-annually, at the beginning of the spring and winter season. The format consists in one session per weekend, the series themselves each lasting for one month. Aspire Series was developed in order to provide an accelerated learning experience for individuals who wish to enlarge their knowledge of a certain field and connect with the top practitioners in said field.

The first winter edition was focused on entrepreneurship and how to start your own venture, benefitting from the presence of 6 extremely experienced speakers:

  • Fady Chreih – CEO, Regina Maria
  • Steve Schelhammer – Founder of Phytel
  • Alexandra Copos de Prada – CEO and Chairwoman, Ana Hotels and Ana Pan
  • Don Lothrop – Former Senior Principal, Delphi Capital
  • Thomas Bates – Head of Sales, Lonesome Valley Properties
  • Dragos Nicolaescu – Consultant, former CEO of Siemens Romania

The first spring edition, aimed to bring in the spotlight the Romanian creative industry, through business-oriented workshops on film, photography and advertising taught by:

  • Mihnea Gheorghiu – Creative Director, Publicis Romania
  • Alma Bacula – Founder and Director, Icon Films
  • Cristian Movila – Photojournalist, The New York Times

Aspire Series means to give a glimpse into the Aspire experience and no cost of attendance, but participants will have to register for each event separately beforehand, throughout a form available on the event page*.

The application period is now over.
Thank you for applying!



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