After graduating from top universities across the United States and Europe such as Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown and Warwick, we started Aspire Academy in 2011. As friends, we shared a passion for education, a strong belief in the Romanian youth and a desire to offer our peers in Romania and Eastern Europe similar educational and social opportunities to the ones we experienced abroad. We now oversee Aspire's evolution as part of the Senior Board:

Ana Sarbu

Ana Sarbu graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 2012, with a double degree in Government and Russian. She is currently working in business development for Palantir Technologies, a software company co-founded by Peter Thiel. Previously she was employed with Richard Attias & Associates, a New York-based international strategic communications consulting company.

Alex Radu

Alex graduated Harvard University in 2008 with a degree in Economics and Government and received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2012. He is currently working in London and New York. He is passionate about transforming education and enjoys sailing, flying and traveling.

Alexandra Copos

Alexandra Copos de Prada is the Chairwoman of the Board of Ana Hotels, the largest Romanian-owned hotel company, and of Ana Pan, a popular chain of pastry stores with tradition in Bucharest. Alexandra was previously employed with McKinsey & Company in New York and Dubai, as well as with the Department of Education in New York City where she led the City’s training program for future school principals. Alexandra holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University, an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a Master’s in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.

Dinu Gheorghe

Dinu Gheorghe is leading the online operations for RCS&RDS, the leading telekom operator in Romania, managing both the ecommerce and the media platforms. Previously he worked as a financial consultant for Hidroelectrica and Electrica S.A, the two largest energy production and distribution companies in Romania. Dinu’s passion for entrepreneurship lead him to create 2 succesful startups in the IT and agriculture sectors. Dinu holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Warwick Business School and a Master in Finance from Instituto Empresa.

Alex Lazar

Alex graduated from London Business School and is a former Co-President of Aspire (2011-2014), currently seating on the Board of Aspire. He previously worked in London in strategy consulting and currently resides in Bucharest where he is managing new product launches in the water industry.

Ana-Maria Dorobat

Ana-Maria graduated magna cum laude from the American University in Paris, specializing in Political Science and International Economics. She also holds a Master’s in Public Administration, from the University of Bucharest, as well as a certificate in International Relations, from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute. Currently, Ana is working for the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania as Advocacy & External Relations Coordinator.

Dani Oros

Dani is Marketing Manager for Google Romania. Before that, he was Country Manager (Romania, Hungary and Croatia) for BlaBlaCar, the world’s largest carpooling company. Dani was a participant at Aspire Academy 2011, and has been involved in various roles ever since: Finance Manager, Co-President and Board Member.

Our vision is to develop a community of ethical, successful and influential leaders across a wide variety of disciplines, with diverse backgrounds, across Europe and beyond. Over 70 individuals contribute to make Aspire a reality:

Ana Voicilă

Ana joined Aspire High School in 2014 and ever since she has been part of the Aspire organising team. She has been part of the Mission Circle for the past two years and now she leads the Incubator, the newest Aspire initiative. She is an economics and business administration student at UCL, being involved in shaping the UCL Curriculum and leading two societies on campus. She previously worked for a tech start-up in London.

Rodica Burlacu

Rodica is one of the co-presidents of Aspire, being involved in the organization since 2014, when she attended Aspire Academy. She has held multiple roles in Aspire, first in the Logistics team, and then focusing mostly on Recruitment for the three summer programs. Aside from Aspire, Rodica has recently graduated from BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo with a degree in Strategic Management, and completed part of her education in business and economics in St Gallen and Strasbourg. As a professional, Rodica has been working as a consultant in large European funding projects and with the private sector in economics research for the Baltic consulting company Civitta.

Luca Mateescu

Luca is an alumnus of aspire Academy 2014 and is sitting Co-President of Aspire. He graduated law school in Bucharest and managed to acquire a broad perspective over the business environment via experience in top tier legal firms, including Tuca, Zbarcea & Asociatii, and various startups. Luca now works in management consulting at A.T. Kearney in Romania. He is very passionate about Aspire’s ability to generate value in our society and believes in empowering people to reach their potential.

Ruxandra Manea

Ruxandra is sitting Co-President of Aspire and among the initiators of Aspire for Teachers. She is currently working at Google Romania and teaches Korean Business Class at the University of Bucharest. Ruxandra holds a Magna cum Laude diploma in Political Science and Business Administration from Ewha Womens University, South Korea. She speaks Korean fluently, is passionate about education and enjoys painting.

Giorgiana Neagu

Giorgiana was part of the first generation of Aspire Academy, in 2011, and was afterwards involved in the organizing team for 4 editions of the programs, in different roles (Head of Logistics, Head of Programs and Co-President). She studied communication and public relations and has a Master`s Degree in Organizational Communication. At the moment, she is Training Coordinator at a multinational company in Brasov, leading a team of 5 people and implementing training programs for 850 people.

Elena Zaharia

Elena is Aspire High School Alumna 2014.  She has been a member of the Logistics Team since 2016 where she coordinated several projects as a project manager and currently she is one of the head of the logistics circle.

She is studying International Relations and European Studies at the University of Bucharest. Elena is passionate about education, traveling, learning, event planning. She believes that we can make a change in the society only if we start with ourselves.

Mihai Hrimiuc

Mihai Hrimiuc is Passionate about management, leadership, and habits. He is involved in students and youth NGOs in Cluj Napoca through various positions, concentrating for now in Aspire as one of the head of Logistics circle to bring the best out of the events and provide a fresh perspective to programs and Aspire community.

Bianca Negrea

Bianca is an Aspire Academy 2015 alumna and has been a member of the organizing team ever since. She is experienced in coordinating integrated marketing campaigns in both the corporate and the NGO worlds. She worked in communication for the Enterprise Business Unit in Vodafone Romania and was involved in several NGOs of which: Volunteers for Ideas and Projects Bucharest where she was part of the executive team or the Alternative University where she focused on branding. This year Bianca is coordinating the Marketing and Public Relations strategies for Aspire together with her team. Apart from Aspire, she is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam.

Alin Claudiu Apostu

He is what is called a multipotentialite with a background in accounting, entrepreneurship and marketing, He has worked in different fields and sectors. Starting from retail, consultancy, marketing and events.  He has worked both in multinational companies, smaller business and also started a business. Alin has dedicated the last 4 years exclusively in the NGO sector where he works with different organizations in projects about entrepreneurship and education. He is part of different communities national and international which gravitate around entrepreneurship, social impact and marketing.

Popelca Vlad

Popelca Vlad in an alumnus of ASPIRE Academy 2017 and the coordinator of the Aspire Money Circle, which is in charge of the finance and partnership matters.  He is passionate about marketing, sales, event organizing, project management and education. In the last years, he has been part of different NGO’s including ASPIRE where he saw a lifelong connection after attending the summer program.

The main reason he is still supporting ASPIRE activity is mainly because it is an educational organization and also because there are qualitative projects which focuses on the youth development both personally and professionally.

Stefania Cioroba

Stefania is an alumna of Aspire Academy 2016 and is currently coordinating the Recruitment process for the Aspire summer programs. Upon graduating from BI Norwegian Business School and University of St. Gallen, where she pursued a Master’s degree in Strategic Management, she joined a rotational management trainee program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, who gives her exposure to strategic sourcing and major procurement projects. Stefania is passionate about Psychology and Human Resources, having previously coordinated the recruitment process for Aspire Academy 2017. She is very interested in nutrition and helping people have a healthier lifestyle and she enjoys cooking vegan dishes.

Olga Bostan

Olga Bostan joined Aspire Academy in 2016, and ever since she has been a part of the organizing team, currently coordinating the programs dedicated to alumni development. Olga studies at University College Maastricht, with an academic focus in political sociology. Besides that, she works as the Events Coordinator of ImpactLab—a social accelerator which aims to enhance the impact of socially engaged individuals in Maastricht. Olga is passionate about education, good music and cooking.

Using an innovative system for self organization entitled holacracy, our team is organized in Circles:
Mission Critical Circle:
  • Mihai Popa
  • Teodora Burduja
  • Maria Cezar
  • Bianca Drotleff
  • Luca Onica
  • Mara Albu
  • Arina Florescu
  • Andrei Simion
People Circle:
  • Patricia Trofin
  • Raluca-Ștefania Georgescu
  • Celia Malone
  • Florentina Dumitru
  • Edita Bytyqi
  • Raluca Cocuti
  • Bianca Florea
  • Diana Murgulet
  • Ana Cojocaru
  • Alexandru Hirsu
  • Dragos Dumitrescu
Image Circle: 
  • Oana Nourescu
  • Natia Gogotidze
  • Aleksandar Andonovski
  • Rares Borcea
  • Ana Zlatescu
Money Circle:
  • Ioana-Codrina Simionescu
  • Mihai Albu
  • Anca Scarlat
  • Ovidiu Popeti
  • Tudor Constantinescu
  • Andrei Dinu
Incubator Circle: 
  • Sebastian Gabor
  • Larisa Puscasu
  • Victor Micu
  • Remus Radvan
  • Alexandru Hirsu
  • Alice Dumitrascu
  • Irina Damascan
  • Lavinia Antone
  • Sorana Pascariu
Special Projects (alumni collaborators):
  • Antonious Cezar Hegyes
  • Daniel Iacob
  • Mihail Toader Pasti
  • Anca Balaceanu
  • Delia Stamate
  • Alexandra Bogatu
Aspire for Teachers Circle:
  • Irina Constantinescu
  • Bianca Florea
  • Nick Munteanu
  • Tatiana Elena Hirnu
  • Simona Cristina Suciu
  • Aurelia Nicolae
  • Veronica Radulescu
  • Elena Darie
  • Angelina Rivera Rocabado
  • Mirela Vilcu
  • Cristina Branea
  • Irina Vasile
  • Anca Morar
  • Raluca Dumitru
  • Carmina Vakulovski
  • Ana Rusu
  • Stefan Apavaloaie
  • Anca Bodnarescu
  • Mihaela Pavel
  • Ioana Prunean
  • Ioana Stoica
  • Rodica Istrate